Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Companions are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you are going to get

1st Email from Elder Bennion
Hey ya´ll!
Man almost one week at the MTC! For the most part it goes by slower than molasses in provo in the winter. haha It seems like each second is a minute while you are studying and your brain goes on overload from time to time. Real quick, mom and dad, I will write you actual letters later on in the week. 30 minutes for an email is not enough time. I can´t up load pictures till I´m in the mission field so pictures of the temple and MTC won´t be on here for awhile. I wish you could see my companion and district as well.
Week one in the MTC was pretty good for the most part. Based on all the advise and things I have been told, I expected to be dog tired butb this is wayyyy on another level. You literally have your day full from 6.30-10.30. Some nights I even struggle to write in my journal before it´s time to go to bed. On top of that there is a giant elder, Elder White, who is 6´9 and snores like a freight train. 

I don´t have much time to give you a play by play of my week but I will outline some important people and events. For starters, I´m in the intermediate spanish class which surprised me. I´m in the class with my 3 semesters and a trimester of Spanish freshmen year while all the other Elders have between 4 and 7 years of Spanish. Talk about feeling like I´m at a slight disadvantage. I do feel blessed though. I am able to speak spanish better than several other guys in my district by their own admission. As a side note, a district is like your class. In my ¨district¨ I have 9 other elders. My new companion is Elder LePray. He is from Idaho Falls, Idaho. He went to BYU and is going to Guatamala. He is the best Spanish speaker in the class. I ended up becoming his companion on Sunday because his companion went home. It was sad when Elder Call went home... I sympathize with him though because this is a difficult job. I was in a trio before I became companions with Elder call. Their names were Elder Pope, from Orem and Elder Kirkham, from Sacramento. They were great Elders. The just were not into sports and we have very different interests. It´s all good though, that´s apart of the mission.
Overall the MTC has been good. Sunday´s fireside was AMAZING! I wish I could share more but again, I have no time. I love ya´ll and remember to have faith in Christ. Faith, faith, faith! I know it can be hard in times of despair but as Nike says, ¨just do it!¨ 
P.S. Mamma I love you soooooo much. I will write you tonight or tomorrow. Please proof read this. I´m just a typing machine. I LOVE YOU BEAUTIFUL MAMMA!  Give Kodi lots of hugs for me. I miss that brother. I have been thinking about him. The gospel is true. I know it! love ya!

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