Monday, February 28, 2011

1st Letter!!!! How can one little piece of notebook paper make a mom SO happy?

We just received Elder Bennion's first letter! I am proud of him! So very proud! He is doing very well. He likes the food (lots lots better than the food at BYUH), and got to play basketball. He is HAPPY!!! He said that they are extremely busy and that they were told to write home the 1st day, but that he was just to busy. He said his brain feels fried from all the studying they do.
He saw a friend from BYUH that is going to Mexico on his mission and said it was really nice to see a familiar face.
He's really happy and feel so blessed to be in the MTC learning so much.
I am going to try and scan his letter and post it. For some reason it isn't allowing me to upload it on blogger. It scanned into a pdf fine but I couldn't get it to upload. I am not so great at patient. =)

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