Friday, February 18, 2011

Counting today we have 7 days till Cameron reports but only 4 days till we leave

The time has flown by. We very few wake ups together here at home. I feel like it almost isn't real. Like I am walking in a fog.
We are not organized and haven't even picked up all of his suits and shoes down in Lake Oswego. Yikes, I just hate being so unorganized but somehow I can't get my act together...and the boys aren't either LOL.
We hope to see you all at Cameron's farewell or Open House Sunday. Call or txt Cameron or I if you need directions.
I am a bit nervous about the drive to Utah. We can't decide if we should take the Honda to Provo or if we should take Darrell's Toyota 4 wheel drive. The weather is hard to predict and I don't want to get stuck. We have had a dusting of snow here this week...I would guess that Idaho and Utah would be sure to have snow if we do.=/
In the midst of everything...we are getting a new puppy. She was a rescue from Tri-cities area. She is a 12 week old pug-terrier mix.
We can't wait to get her home. She is coming today.

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