Tuesday, March 8, 2011

March 8, 2011

! Mi espanol es mejora!  
!Hola mis amigos y amigas! Week two at the MTC is almost over. It has been fast for the most part. It doesn't feel like it has been two weeks when I look back on the time I've spent here but if you were to sit in a class room for 4 hours at a time, like I do, you would think the day was never going to end as well. My Spanish is improving since I’ve been here as well as my knowledge of the gospel. It’s hard to measure how much my Spanish has improved but I have noticed my listening comprehension has gotten better. If anyone has suggestions on how to study more effectively leave me a comment on the blog. I’m sure it will get to me somehow. (AKA my mamma)
I'm still not feeling so hot. I have been blowing my nose constantly since I entered the MTC so on Monday I finally decided to make a trip to the doctors. He told me I have a sinus infection and gave me some antibiotics that should help. A lot of guys from our zone (a zone consists of 6-8 classes) left Monday and Tuesday morning. It was sad to see them go because you come to love and bond with them. A lot of those guys made things fun when we would come back to the residence hall after a long day of studying. Speaking of leaving, my companion, Elder LaPray, as well as Elder White will be leaving for the Guatemala MTC next Tuesday. Elder Kirkham is supposed to leave for the Spain MTC but his visa is not here so it doesn't look too promising. Right now we have 9 guys in our district (aka class) and next week will have a grand total of 7 people. (Most likely)
The Fireside and Devotional talks have been really good so far. Hopefully you all can read a story/ post (hopefully it will be up a few days after this is posted) about the Laie temple. My recollection of the story isn't as eloquent as Temple President Daimes story was but when I heard it I felt the spirit so strongly. I have a lot of those experiences here. I cannot wait to see what will happen once I am in my mission. I know that God does protect his temples and the story I heard affirmed that to me. I feel so blessed to have the confirmations I have had while at the MTC that this is the true restored Church of Jesus Christ.
There is so much to say and sooooo little time! Just remember to put your faith in Jesus Christ and Heavenly Father. If you pray with a sincere heart and a noble desire you WILL be heard. One of my new favorite scriptures is in Alma 5:48-49. It is so true! I love you all. Be safe. God is love.
Los amo todos,
Elder Cameron Bennion

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