Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So I Bought a Pocket protector This Week...

I know how dorky that sounds but yes, I'm that Elder. I had a pen that was leaking ink this week and thankfully it was not in my shirt pocket but it got me thinking, what would happen if I stained a shirt? I know I would be very unhappy. Let me paint you a little picture of what i wear. Most days I wear short sleeved dress shirts because our class room is blazing hot. It feels like an inferno in there. The ventilation is horrible. on top of the short sleeved shirt I now have a pocket protector full of pens and highlighters. (Yes Kodi I'm sure you are laughing at me.) I have yet to part my hair on the side and slick it back (that is something that will never happen) and i also need a pair of glasses with plastic lenses to complete the ensemble. When I bought my pocket protector in the bookstore i asked the clerk if they had any fake glasses. The clerk actually wore glasses and looked at me like I was dumb. He just said, "Umm... I need my glasses" and after he said that I just took that as a no and didn't say another word. haha
This week has went by pretty fast for me. I wish i could remember all that has happened this week but it all seems like a blur. Spanish has been going better for me this week. I made a good study plan on how to use my time more efficiently when I'm independently studying. Lets hope it pays off. I thought that I was organized before my mission but while being here at the MTC I've become even better about having a game plan.
I've had a couple meetings this week with our branch President, President Craig. I know every missionary thinks that their President is the best but the more I get to know President Craig the more I grow to love him. I might even go as far as to say I'm one of his favorites. (I hope) I've ate dinner with him a couple of time and we just have great conversations. We are very similar is many ways. He is a very bright individual and was a lawyer for his career. he is like no other lawyer I know though. He just is so loving and kind I could never see him being your "classic lawyer".
By the time you will be reading this I will have ANOTHER new companion! Elder LaPray (my companion) and Elder White (one of my roommates) will have left for the Guatemala MTC. I'm really excited for the both of them! The are going to do great things but I'm sad to see them leave because we have grown close and I will yet again have to get to know a new companion. I have a small idea who my new companion(s) will be but nevertheless, I'm sure who ever I get they will be the right companion for me.
this morning we woke up and were talking about dreams. Last night Elder Bockleman said he had a dream he was in south America and he was speaking Spanish. Then he says... you know your Spanish sucks when even in your dream you suck at speaking Spanish. I laughed pretty good at that. Elder White then told me that he woke up last night and in my sleep I was singing Be Still My Soul. haha I think this goes to show how much I miss music! It is killing me that we cannot listen to music till we are in the mission field. At first I was a little bit embarrassed but he told me I have a good singing voice even while I'm sleeping. :)
I hope every one's week was good. Your day really is only as good as you make it. I hope the Lord's hand was apparent in all your lives. I can attest that if you pray for help and guidance, and actively seek the help of the Lord he will be there. If you live worthily he will bless you. God is love.
Side note: I hope the funeral for Avalon was good. Keep the Ligman's in your prayers. they definitely are in mine. Life is a precious gift we must not take for granted.
Elder Bennion
P.S. Glow in the dark silly string brings joy to the world! :) haha

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