Monday, July 30, 2012

Semana 73 (Week 73) It’s Not About What or Me I Do!

    Que Tranza familia!  This had to have been one of the best endings to a transfer I've had.  First off though, I did get the package mama. The only bummer is that someone didn't read that the box said "fragile" all over it and the mirror was shattered into little pieces.  Everything else was okay.  I finally got my license extension as well.  It took forever to get here though. Oh, and I got The Mormon Doctrine.  It's in really good condition.  Thank you mama! And mom #2 (Peggy), if you are reading this, I got your card and I will write soon!
     The other news is.....we got transfer calls and....Elder Eggen and I will be staying in Sunset Spanish for another transfer. I have to admit I'm a bit surprised.  We have gone through cycles in the area where we see some progress and then our future looks pretty bleak.  We have been working a lot with the members but I don't know if it has clicked that we cannot be successful without them.  Missionary work takes a whole ward, not just the two missionaries.
     Overall I am happy to still be in Sunset.  All I want for the rest of my mission is to serve in Spanish areas.  Everything else is irrelevant. I'm still in my favorite city in the mission, which is a bonus. How could I complain?

        Not a lot happened Monday and Tuesday.  Tuesday we walked to places we haven't been to yet in our area.  They were mostly nicer, upper class neighborhoods and we didn't find anyone who is Hispanic.  We easily walked 5 - 6 miles in total.  We also saw the English Elders and they took us over to Bishop Nielson's house.  It was fun to talk with the Bishop that helped me put in my mission papers and reminisce about the student ward at BYUH.

    Thursday evening we went to a baptism of a girl named Katy that the English elders have been teaching.  We had found her tracting in an apartment complex and referred her to them.  There was such a reverent spirit in that baptism. It made me miss having a baptism of my own.
  Saturday we had a meeting with all the Spanish missionaries in the St. George area.  Spanish work is so different compared to English work so I like when the DTM's are focused on what will work so I can be a better missionary.  President Leonard got up and was talking about how Spanish work is slower and more difficult than English work.  He said it is slightly easier in St. George then other parts of the mission and I smiled and nodded in agreement.  He stopped and looked over at me and said, "It looks like Elder Bennion agrees.  He hasn't stopped smiling since he came down from up north."  Now I don't think that is entirely true but I thought it is funny that 's how President sees it.  I think I've gotten the reputation of being the most smiley missionary...that just makes me laugh though. :-)

    Ya know how they say we save the best things for last?  This is a perfect example! On Friday night we taught this 78-year-old woman we have been teaching for 3 weeks.  She has been here from Mexico for a month or so, visiting her daughter and grand children.  We taught her for several weeks and she had been coming to church before we began teaching her.  She just has such a good spirit about her. She always read the things we asked her to read, and she knew the things we taught her are true.  We invited her to be baptized but because she goes to Mexico on the 31st of July and her closest chapel is an hour and half away, she had a lot of reservations. After our lesson on Friday I felt at peace knowing I taught her to the best of my ability and that the rest was up to my Father in Heaven. On Saturday we got a call from her daughter, Sister Ramos, and she said her mom wanted to get baptized!  Long story short - she had her baptism yesterday at seven and was able to come unto the fold of the Good Shepherd. I regret not wanting to be the one to baptize people early on in my mission.  It is one of the indescribable feelings that confirms to me this is the true Church of Jesus Christ with His authority.
    This week and seeing Ramona baptized has confirmed to me how little of an effect I have on people getting baptized and receiving the Holy Ghost.  We are but instruments in the Lords hand and I'm so thankful I've been able to serve Him.  To my strength I am nothing but I am everything the Lord needs me to be.  You can't be living the dream more than being a missionary.  It doesn't get any better than this!!!!!  Vaya con Dios.  Dios es Amor.

                                                                                                                                                                 Elder Bennion

Dear Elder Bennion's mom,

    We took your son to Zion National Park today, so they didn't have time to get to write an email.  He wrote it on paper and I told them I would send it in an email.  I hope you don't mind.  I will send a picture of him later from our trip to Zion today.  I have to tell you what an amazing, humble, obedient son you have for a missionary. I'm sure you know that.  We've enjoyed getting to know him this past 6 weeks and having him for dinner on Thursday nights.  Thanks for your sacrifices you make daily so that we can have him here helping out our Sunset 9th branch.

Sincerely, Sister A

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