Monday, July 30, 2012

Semana 73 Maybe....( I think it's 72)

Semana 73... Maybe … I think it’s actually 72 He sent it last Monday July 23, 2012

Riding Off Into The Sunset

Well I know it has been a long time since I've written a letter so I'm going to try to sum up the past few weeks or so. Overall it has been good lately. The work has slowed a little bit over the past few weeks. We are teaching a lot of lessons but a lot of people just don't want to learn about the gospel. The "hot spots" or the areas that have a lot of Spanish people have all been knocked as well so we have to get more creative in our finding efforts. We probably knock on 20-30 doors every day and that adds up. There are only x amount of Hispanics here and so over 5 weeks that pool becomes depleted. We aren't discouraged at all though. We know that it just means we are one door closer to finding the elect that want and need to hear the gospel. Last night was a prime example of us opening our mouths and talking with everyone. It was about 8:45 pm and we were going to see if David was home because we haven't seen him in several days. There was a man walking to his car and he had on a soccer jersey from a local team around here.(Before my mission I would have had no clue what was the difference between soccer teams and their jerseys). We just started talking with him about soccer and then he asked us who we are missionaries for. It turned out to be a great teaching opportunity. That's how missionary work has to be done.

Well The computer is about to log off so I can't say anymore. Hopefully this will be enough until next week when I can explain more. I can't believe this transfer is almost over. We will be getting transfer calls next Sunday. Asi es la vida de un misionero. Nunca sabemos cunando es nuestro tiempo para salir. Bueno Les quiero familia! Vayan con Dios!

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

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