Sunday, July 1, 2012

Semana 68: Back Where I Belong!

Semana 68: Back Where I Belong!

Well it is Monday again and it has been a CRAZY day/week! I have maybe ten minutes, if that, to try to sum up a week of pure bliss and blisters. ;)
Monday night we went by and visited some of the members and investigators that I've taught in Price. It was harder than I thought to say good bye to Price. I learned so much from that area and I became really close to various families out there. I know that I fulfilled my purpose out there. Several people cried which was not what I expected. I just feel like I'm Elder Bennion. 

Tuesday evening I finally got down to St. George. It was a breezy 103 degrees but I was feeling fine. I just felt like I was coming home when we were driving down into St. George. This town holds so many memories for me. We drove down to the St. George East stake center in front of the temple to unload our bags. I ended up going out with some elders in the St. George North stake. We ended up running into the Accordino's! I thought you would like that picture. It was really neat getting to finally see them and we were able to get some referrals which was good.

Wednesday morning I finally got my new companion. His name is Elder Eggen and he is from Crecent City California. It's about thirty minutes from Oregon. He is a really good elder. He learned Spanish in the MTC but he speaks really well! Much better than I spoke when I came out.

Well I have to run. I said I didn't have much time. I will try to fill you in more next week. I'm just so excited to be out here and in St. George again. We don't have a car and we cover four stakes. I think we cover Santa Clara, Green Valley, and the Sunset area. We will hopefully get bikes soon because walking just isn't effective. It has been hot, I think a couple days ago we were outside for 7 hours straight and it was 109. It's a sacrifice but I wouldn't have it any other way. I'm livin' the dream. I love you family! Vaya con Dios!

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

The Accordino Family! They have known Cameron since birth. Now he is in their area.

Eastern Eye Clinic Price Utah!  The day he got to shadow the ophthalmologist in surgery.
Just found this pic. Not sure where or when it was taken.

I wish I knew more about these pics...But it makes me smile to see him smiling!

In Price right before transfers

Love this kid!!!

He is happiest when he is with families teaching. 

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