Thursday, July 5, 2012

Semana 69: No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop This Work

Semana 69: No Unhallowed Hand Can Stop This Work

Que pasa familia?! Well I have a feeling this is going to be a common thing, having to write short but sweet letters while I'm here in Sunset. We don't have a car and we are subject to the schedule of the other Elders.

Well where do I start? I was MAJORLY ill Saturday and Sunday. lol I can laugh now because I feel fine but I was SICKER than I think I've ever been on my mission. I woke up on Saturday morning feeling a little off and as the day went on I felt sicker. We went and helped a family paint the inside of their house and as the day went on I just felt horrible. I won't make a list of symptoms but a really bad case of the flu can sum it up. We came home from painting and I just crashed. We had someone that was supposed to take us out Saturday night and I canceled that. I sat in bed and thought about it for awhile, I finally decided we couldn't miss an appointment we had at eight so I said a prayer and we went out. David wasn't home but I figured since we were already out Heavenly Father had someone we needed to visit. That night wasn't too productive and I felt baaaaad but it felt good to do work. Sunday was just as bad if not worse. I managed to get ready for chruch but after church we came home and I laid down again. I had Elder Eggen, Elder Hall and hermano Castro give me a blessing after sacrament as well. Long story short I woke up today and I feel just fine! It is a miracle! Priesthood blessings really do work and the church is true. PERIOD.

We have been doing a lot of "huffin'" it lately. We've knocked on a lot of doors to find a lot of people not too interested. We are working with a senior couple (named The Halls) and they gave us a long list of names and addresses of people we could visit. The only problem with the list is that they are basically all people that are not too interested or already told them no. I'm thinking we are going to have to come up with our own strategy to find the elect. Surprisingly the sun hasn't gotten to me. It has been 105-110 degrees most days but I just love it. There is nothing better than a long hard days work and then walking back to our apartment on Sunset Blvd. People honk, wave and howl at us as we walk by. It makes me sing the song "Celebrity" by Brad Paisly. Haha Elder Eggen is also a country fan so that is a plus!

Training is going really well. Elder Eggen is a stud. A lot of the doors we knock have peep holes and so at times people won't answer but Elder Eggen still smiles so that if they look through the peep hole they will see him happy! It makes me laugh inside my head at times because that's exactly what I do! He reminds me a lot of myself when I was new. The only exception is that his Spanish is much better than when I started.

Well it is that time! I have to run. I love you family and I'm so thankful for your support. I cannot believe how fast time has flown by! Thanks for telling me I only have 6 fast Sunday's left mom! :/ This really is the hardest thing I have truly loved to do but there is nothing more worth my while. Remember to always but Him first and replace fear with faith. All the things I've sacrificed could never compare to the happiness and knowledge I've gained here in the best mission in the world. I'm livin' the dream! Vaya con Dios!

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

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