Monday, May 2, 2011

Week 10: God Must Have A Sense Of Humor

Hola mujeres y caballeros! Ha cido loco durante esta semana pasada. Muchas cosas cambiado para mi.
I wasn't able to write last week with the change in schedule at the MTC. They are trying something new so I wasn't able to get time to email. Since, so much has happened I'm just going to summarize my last week in the MTC to a few things. The greatest thing that happened was being able to see Richard G. Scott of the 12 Apostles speak and then the following week Dallan H. Oaks of the 12 spoke as well. To be in the presence of an apostle is unlike anything else. You can tell there is something special about them when they walk in the room. The MTC really was a great place looking back on it. Yes, I was completely ready to leave by the time I got out but now I realize how nice it was to have an environment free from worldly distractions where I was able to learn and grow so much. I know I took that time for granted and now that I'm in the field I realize how little time you have to study.
Now, there is two reasons for this weeks title. The first reason is because the night I was preparing to leave the MTC I set my alarm for 3:15 am. I was supposed to leave at 4:00 am and I though that would give me plenty of time to leave. My alarm ended up not going off and I woke up at 4:30 am. I was in shock! I was running around like the family on Home Alone when they woke up late and about missed their flight. Long story short, I made it to the airport, made a couple phone calls, and literally RAN to my gate. The gate was closed but some how the man let me on and I made my flight. It was so great getting to St. George. As, I'm going over to meet my mission president I see a man in a cowboy hat and a lady with him. I did a double take and it was my Grandpa Bennion and Aunt Crystal!!! :D I think I hugged grandpa eight times or so. It was so great to see him! If you read this grandpa I would love copies of the pictures! Side note: It is really cool being in Utah. I have been told by multiple people how special my last name is. I guess there has been a lot of important Bennion's in church leadership positions, at BYUI, and the President of Snow College in Ephraim was a Bennion. I was lucky enough to ride with President Leonard back to the mission home. I know I'm going to sound like every other missionary but I HAVE THE BEST MISSION PRESIDENT! You have no idea! There is just something about President Leonard. He is full of wisdom, he treats you with respect/ doesn't talk down to you, and he just made me feel comfortable around him for the short time I was with him. On top of that he was a dentist so I CANNOT WAIT to learn more about that from him. The mission home is beautiful and it is set on a golf course. I cannot believe how many golf courses there are in St. George! After we had interviews we went over to the stake center where we got oriented and met our new companions. My companion's name is Elder Brown. He is from Philadelphia but originally lived in England till he was 10 so he has a bit of an accent. He also attended BYU for a year prior to his mission. I don't think I could have been matched up with a better trainer. Elder Brown is a very hard working and diligent individual. He is obedient 100% of the time and I admire that because it helps both of us hold each other to higher standards. I have a firm belief in the blessings that come from being obedient. The area I am serving in is... EPHRAIM UTAH! I found it funny how in one day I drove an hour north to Salt Lake City, flew south to St. George, and then drove all the way to Ephraim. I believe Ephraim is only an hour and fifteen minutes or so from Provo. We cover 5 stakes and the cities we cover are; Ephraim, Manti, Moroni, Fountain Green, and Mt. Pleasant. It really is exciting. I cannot wait for the day I get to go through the Manti Temple! It is a magnificent Temple. You can see the Temple at night from the north end of Ephraim which is a good 8 miles away. It looks like a brilliant castle up on the hill. Currently Elder Brown and I live in a church owned house across the street from Snow College in Ephraim. Unfortunately they are tearing it down, along with all the other houses on the block to make a gigantic stake center. We don't know where we are moving yet but it will be within the next few weeks or so we have been told.
It is strange living in such a small town. I feel like I'm in Wyoming and the cabin isn't too far away. There are actually sheep farmers that live in cabins just like the one in Wyoming but they are even smaller than the second cabin up there. Most of the people living out here are farmers. Lamming is one of the main jobs Hispanics do out here. It seems like I'm living in a Serta bed commercial because everywhere I look I see sheep. It is amazing how many people live in the "trilas" out here. It has really humbled me to see the conditions people live in even though we are in the United States. My heart goes out to them and I love them even more because of their hardships. I have met several families and within 30 minutes of knowing them I love them like my brother or sister. It is because of that love that I want to share the gospel with them. I want what is best for them and I know without one single doubt in my entire being this is the restored church of Jesus Christ.
I have so many other stories I wish I could share but time is a precious commodity and I have very little of that at the moment. I just want you all to know this is my testimony, I know this church is true, I know that faith, repentance, baptism, and enduring till the end is the only way by which we may reach the Celestial Kingdom and live in the presence of God. I feel privileged to serve my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. There are obstacles we all must overcome in our lives and life is not easy, but all things are possible when we have faith and follow the example of Jesus Christ. Rely on God the Father and His son Jesus Christ. Always remember to love one another. Vaya con Dios.
Elder Bennion
P.S. If anyone wants to write me a shopping list I would appreciate it. I'm clueless when it comes to shopping for groceries. Sorry mom... I know you taught me better. :P

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