Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Week Six: And I couldn't ask for more...

Hasta semana fue
Conferencia General y espero que todo el mundo vieron muchos discursos. Nunca
vi toda Conferencia pero hay es muchos buenos discursos durante sabado. Henry
Bennion Eyring me cae bien. El tiene un gran espiritu sobre el. Durante el
reunion de sacerdocio Presidente Eyring fue muy fracioso. El es mi favorito.
Sorry there are no accents. I don't have time to turn the Spanish keyboard
setting on.

I really hope everyone
was able to enjoy General Conference. I have never watched every talk given
during General Conference but I was so glad I finally had the opportunity to. I
think Conference is magnified as a missionary. There was so many good talks
given, I particularly loved Richard G Scott's talk. It centered around family
and love as did a couple other talks. I loved his talk because you could feel
how much he loved his late wife and family. That is something we all should
strive to do more of. Several other talks that touched me were M. Russell
Ballard's talk and Quentin L. Cook's talk.

This week I will be
going on my sixth week in the MTC. Its crazy how time flies when you are
progressing so rapidly. I am hoping this week will fly by. Next week we get our
travel plans and I cannot wait for that. I feel like I gained a lot of
knowledge this week. My ability to teach gringos en espanol is a lot better, :)
but I don't think it will be a walk in the park teaching native speakers. I had
an opportunity to teach a lesson on the Gospel of Jesus Christ Friday night
with my companion and it was a lesson we had never practiced before so I was
nervous. I said a prayer before we began to teach and I knew I was an
instrument in the hands of the lord. My Spanish was much better than normal, I
knew how to teach the principals of the lesson, and the spirit directed me how
to answer the questions I was presented with. Richard G. Scott once said that
if you actively seek the spirit it will be present even during role plays. I
know this is what happened. I was so happy after that lesson I ended up dancing
all the way back to our residence hall. I did end up getting some funny looks
from other Elders.

My knee is doing
better. President Craig's blessing was of great comfort to me. I still try to
ice it as much as possible but I don't think I will need an MRI. Dr. Brown is a
great doctor and he listens to me what is rare for a doctor. I swear you know
everyone mom! :)

Since I haven't been
playing basketball I've been lifting weights more. They have a "wall of
fame" in the gym for various records and I'm determined to set the bench
press record. I benched 150 lbs. 70 times but the record is 106 so I have some
practice to do before I can accomplish that feat.
Saturday was mostly
spent watching conference. I loved several talks, especially the one by L. Tom
Perry. His talk focused on following the Savior and becoming meek like
children. Children do have divine attributes that have not been tainted by the
world. We all should strive to have the love and faith children have. Try to
show kindness in all that you do, for these are the things which Jesus would
Sunday was spent watching GC as well. We woke up to two plus inches of snow on the ground
though. I was completely shocked because for the three days prior it was sunny
and warm. I took some good pictures and videos of the snow.
I hope everyone has a
great rest of the week. Hopefully Vancouver has dried up some just in time for
spring break! Its crazy school is out in a month! Do great things. God is love.
Vaya con Dios.

Elder Bennion

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