Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Week 8 Yo Sé Que Vive Mi Señor

 ¡Que onda familia, amigos, y amigas! Mi tiempo aquí en el CCM es casí terminado y ¡estoy muy animado por St. George! No sentio como he estado en el CCM or dos meses usualmente. ¡Es muy loco! Espero que hubieran una buena semana. Mamá, diga Kodi a escribir me por favor. Quiero saber como su español es.

This week was pretty good overall. It was pretty uneventful in comparison to some of my previous weeks. I suppose the phrase calm before the storm rings true in this situation. I've stayed busy trying to learn the ends and outs of Spanish. We have basically covered all the tenses in class with the exception of the passive voice and the conditional tense. Now it is up to me to practice using and refining the tools I've been given. I believe there are 12 verb charts with 6 different ways to say that one word in each chart. As you can imagine practice is key in memorizing all these things. ¿Ha Kodi enseñó el subjuntivo y subjuntivo pasado ya? The rate at which we have covered these topics is astounding looking back on my time here. The gift of tongues is so true. I wouldn't be where I'm at right now with out the Lords help. The gift of tongues does not come with out effort though. You mush struggle and have faith that you can do all things which are expedient unto the Lord.

Tuesday evening was great this past week. We did not get an Apostle but we got the second best thing. Ronald A. Rasband of the Presidency of the seventy spoke. If you remember he had spoke last year during April’s General Conference about how missionaries are called to serve their missions. I clearly remember how special that talk was. I had only been baptized a couple of months before Conference and the talks were centered around missionary work. Anyway, his talk at Devotional was awesome. He definitely had a knack for public speaking.

Thursday evening was pretty awesome. In fact I would probably say it was the highlight of my week... I GOT MY TRAVEL PLANS! I was so happy when I got those. I fly out on April 27th out of SLC at on Delta and arrive in STG at . I guess for such a short flight they pin point the time down to the exact minute. There are 5 other elders and one sister in my travel group. I hope everyone behaves themselves while we are at the airport. I was assigned as the travel leader of our group so I'm at fault if anything goes array. The only bummer is I have to be packed and at the travel office by ! Talk about sleep deprivation. :(

Thursday night I was late getting to bed. I felt pretty bad about it. I had spent a lot of time talking to Elder Warlleven. (I probably misspelled it but it means "good life" in German.) He is an Elder on our floor from Germany and he has always been so nice and happy. I just love that kid. He has been getting bullied by some Polynesian Elders and he has been having a really hard time. Luckily the situation was resolved but it disheartens me that Elders can pick on another child of god. ESPECIALLY here in the MTC. 

The other day I was in the cafeteria and it has been crazy how many people there are here from BYUH. The lame thing on my part is I don't remember any of them. I feel bad that I don't remember anyone yet they some how remember me. The Mormon bubble is much smaller than we realize at times. :)

Well I better wrap this up. One more week and I'm on to doing what I want to do most. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ. I really appreciate all the letters I receive and all the prayers that I am kept in. It really means a lot to me. Pray for me to learn the language so that I might be able to preach according to the will of the Lord. I feel like Moroni in Ether 12 at times. My linguistic skills are atrocious in Spanish. Remember to make today the most glorious day of your life. Serve God, serve your fellow man, and endure to the end. I bare witness that this is the ONLY true church on the Earth today. Pray to know for your self with a sincere prayer in your heart and you will be able to know the same exact thing. Vaya con Dios.


Elder Bennion

P.S. I love Utah. Bennion is so much more common here. No one messes up on pronouncing my name. :)

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