Monday, December 10, 2012

Semana noventa y cuatro: If I Could Turn Back Time

Semana noventa y cuatro:

If I Could Turn Back Time

Dear Family,

There is nothing like Christmas in Dixie. :) I could probably finish my email and say nothing more and that would sum up my week. It felt like driving home when we started coming down the hill in the transfer van and I saw the lights of St. George. This town is magical, like something straight out of a Disney movie. ;) haha I just love it here! I bet you are excited for Bug to come home from school for Christmas break. I hope you have felt up to doing a little bit of Christmas decorating. It seems like every year we are thrown a curve ball at Christmas time but life is not about waiting for the storm to pass, but learning to dance in the rain. Speaking of Christmas decorating, I got the presents from the mission office to give to people and my led mini Christmas tree. The activity day girls from church and Sister Grove also sent me a really cool package with little presents to open for 12 days of Christmas. Please tell them thank you so much and I thought it was really cleaver!

Monday night hard had having to say goodbye to everyone. I will email you some of the pictures. I felt REALLY sick on Monday but I didn't say anything because I didn't want you to worry or tell me I needed to take something or rest. lol If I look horrible in the pictures, you will know why. I'm feeling better now but it lasted for several days. There is not time to rest out here. There were several people that were wanting me to baptize them so I'm sad I had to leave before that but it is part of being a missionary.

Tuesday was just a travel day. It felt like the whole day I was in a car but it really wasn't that bad. My new companion, Elder Wright, is from Southern Georgia and talks like it too. He is a great person and is working really hard to learn Spanish. He has a lot to learn but he reminds me of myself way back when I started out in certain ways. The family we live with are the greatest and most giving people I've ever lived with on my mission. I feel like I'm living with Grandpa and Grandma Candy. They are very well off but are humble and live like the dignified saints that they are. I can't say enough good about them. It took all of two hours of being in St. George to see people I knew. We went to McDonald's to grab some food really quickly and in walked Hanah and Missy. I about died!!! I felt super weird (I don't know why) but it was good at the same time to see family. There were several other times during the week where I ran into people I knew. Even knocking on doors, and the people from a year ago remembered me.

The rest of the week was filled with lessons, some with people I had visited over a year ago and other with people I've never met. Some of the converts I have from the 28th branch have moved over here so it has been good to see them. Mari's husband Julian still is not a member and I'm hoping he is finally ready. He is just a jokester! Angel, from the Sunset branch, came out with us on Sunday night. He got his mission call and is going to Pocatello Idaho in February. It was a lot of fun getting to go out with him and teach like before.

Overall the area is about as difficult as it was over a year ago. People always say they are too busy ecsetera ecsetera but persistence is the key. Being back in St. George has made me reflect a lot on my time in St. George and all the great experiences here. It is a bitter pill to swallow that my time is almost up. I wish there was a way to turn back time and relive my 'golden days' but there is not. Right now it is hard to believe life could get any better than serving a mission. Nothing, not money, education, or dating compares to the joy of serving the Lord. I'm thankful to be in a full Spanish area again and sleep, talking in Spanish again. :) It is better being in St. George with little work than being up north with little work. It is important to be thankful for what you have. Keep us in your prayers so that we may find the elect. Vaya con Dios.

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

"achoose you bthis day whom ye will cserve... as for me and my dhouse, we will eserve the Lord." (Joshua 


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