Monday, December 24, 2012

Semana: noventa y cinco Keep The Commandments

Semana: noventa y cinco

Keep The Commandments

Dear Family,

Why do I love this work so much? It doesn't seem to add up when I look back on the week but I love being a missionary. It is hard and I'm always tired but I LOVE being a Spanish missionary! This was a pretty good week. On Saturday the temperature dropped to the low forties with rain in town and snow on the surrounding mountains. It reminds me of home. I also got my Utah drivers license this week. I'm officially a Utah resident.
This past Monday was pretty uneventful for us. After going to the dry cleaners, orthodontist, Dixie State store, getting haircuts, and making Christmas cards we didn’t' have much time to play sports. We WERE really fortunate thought because the Carpenters have a maid that cleans the house so we had no cleaning to do and they got us food. They are just the nicest people. I'm so thankful for them. We did go out to Washington Fields and taught a couple that have two sons who are members, one of whom served a mission. They are really good people and gave us food but the problem is the father has worked seven days a week, usually working two to three jobs for twenty three years! The thing is though none of the fruits from his labors will mean anything after this life. I wish they would understand that.

 Tuesday was probably the best lesson day. We had several good lessons and we were well received. We had lunch at wingers with the Dixie State YSA elders and the Morgan’s (The visitor center president and his wife) showed up. It has been forever since I've seen them and I used to see them all the time when I was in the 28th branch because the Temple was in our area. Sister Morgan gave me a big hug and then after they left the waiter said they gave us $40 for lunch. They are another couple I just love. Elder Wright said they didn't get paid for as much last transfer but I've been very blessed my whole mission to have people be so kind to me. Tuesday was a good day.

Wednesday Dr. Cain came out teaching with us. He lives only a few blocks from Hannah. He is about 6'8 so you would think he would be really imposing with the Hispanics but he has delivered hundreds, maybe thousands of babies here in St. George so a lot of Hispanics know him. Our night was really full and we are really becoming good friends with our investigators. They just need to come to church!

Thursday was long but Friday was good. We had choir practice for the Christmas concert the 23rd at the tabernacle. President Leonard is even going to sing with us. Afterwards we had a zone training meeting. It was good but sometimes I feel like we get a little redundant in the meetings. Maybe that is just because of how long I've been out. We had a really good dinner/ lesson with the Garcia’s. They showed us a few magic tricks and then we showed them how to make the gospel chicken out of a towel (it is a really good lesson). Angel came out with us as well and we had some more good lessons. It was a good day. Not much happened Saturday. We had our branch Christmas party but only two semi-former investigators came. Our biggest problem is getting our investigators to church here. I just don't know what more we can do. What we need is help form the members.

Sunday I spoke in the Carpenter's ward and then in the Paradise branch. Overall it was a good week. It just seemed to fly by fast. Remember to replace fear with faith and have a great week. Vaya con Dios.

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

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