Monday, July 11, 2011

Week 19: Predicando El Evangelio Como Es Mi Cupleanos!

Hey family,
I hope your 4th of July was a good one. It was a good 4th out here. I was thinking back to last fourth and I was boating with Tyler and his family all week so I didn't really get to see any fireworks. The firework show in little Manti doesn't compare to the Fort Vancouver show but then again in Vancouver you don't get to watch fireworks from the hill at the Manti Temple! We went to a few parades during the day as well. It's funny how much attention you get at events like that because you are a missionary. People scream "MISSIONARIES!" and girls blow kisses at you. I'm sure Kodi would go on a mission just for that reason right bug? ;) I think some of the missionaries I was with got a little too excited about the attention but it just made for a funnier fourth. I even got some teaching in during the parade in Mt. Pleasant so I didn't feel like we had wasted a full day just having fun. I just love teaching these people about something that I know is true and can eternally bless their lives.

We had more success this week teaching some solid lessons which really made me happy. We had more lessons where I felt like Elder Cram and I worked well together and in turn  I was know we were teaching with the spirit.

This week two drunk guys got in a fight in the trailer court in Moroni. One of them is our investigator and the other one is related to a member of our branch. They both were in the wrong and without going into a lot of details, they both were drinking and it lead to them being stupid and doing things I hope they wouldn't do when they were sober. You would think that after a fight in the trailer park and having white cops there the Hispanics wouldn't want to talk to us but it was the complete opposite! Maybe it was the fight, maybe it was our companion unity, or maybe it was a combination of both but Thursday was soooo good. I was shocked to smell people smoking grass one day after the cops were all in there but again, that's another story.

There was a couple nights like Thursday and Saturday where I just knew I was doing and saying what the spirit was directing me to say. I just had that confirmation in my soul that it was right. Every once and awhile I have these nights where I feel Mexican. I deep down can relate to the Hispanics and I am amazed with how easy it is for me to speak Spanish. I feel like I've been speaking it for years and those are the nights where I come home, find a quiet room, and sincerely thank my father in Heaven for blessing me so heavenly with the gift of tongues. Elder Cram says I'm constantly teaching in Spanish while I sleep which is funny. I love these people so much that even in my dreams I'm teaching them. It's funny, I never knew I could have a passion and desire for people that I knew so little about.

There are a lot of times in the mission and in life really, where you question your effectiveness and you evaluate the kind of progress you are making. There will be areas in the mission and times in your life where you will question if you are living up to your full potential and worth. It's important to remember just like the primary song says, "I'm small I know but wherever I go the grass grows greener still." Make that grass grow greener wherever you go. Have charity and love. If we have those two things we will be making a difference. As President Gordon B. Hinckley is quoted numerous times saying, "It will all work out."  Life always does when we put our Lord and Savior first. I know that he lives. Vaya con Dios.

God is love,
Elder Bennion

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