Monday, July 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to you my son....

The first time ever to be apart from Cameron on his birthday. It is tough....but messages like this make it all worth it! He is doing what he is supposed to be right now in his life.
Cameron, someday when you read this...know that I love you to the Moon and Back. We pray for you and your safety and the ability to find those seeking to know more of our Savior. I hope you have a Happy Happy Birthday. 
WE all love and support you...(there are lots of people who read your blog that may never know) but you inspire us each week. For that we thank you!!! Love, Your Momma
PS Thank you to our special delivery girl...Thank you for making his birthday special! I can't believe we happened to meet you just days before you were headed there. Thank you so MUCH!!!!!

Mamma, mamma, mamma. I just want to tell you how much I love you. Birthdays are always about the person that is born and we celebrate them but we seldom recognize the woman that brought us into this world and all the amazing things she has done to help us get to where we are at. I just want you to know I'm so thankful for having a mom like you that has been so good to me. I got a few pictures from you. Thank you soooo much. I love seeing you all. Also thank you for the birthday cake! WHAT A SMALL WORLD. It was a Strawberry Boston cream cake... I ate it all by myself. lol I also got an email from Darrell. That was such a great letter. I doubt you read it but it really was touching that he wrote me and some of the things he said in it really made me feel good. Anyway, I'm going to get to work on my weekly email. I love you lots.

Elder Bennion

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