Saturday, July 16, 2011

Blessings that come from having a son serve a mission....

There were lots of people who told me that having a son or daughter out serving a mission brings great blessings. I guess I didn't completely believe them until recently...I know that not only is the missionary blessed by their diligence and willingness to serve, but so is the family.
I had this preconceived notion that having Cameron gone would be extremely tough...and it was in the beginning. However, I can honestly say that having him gone is just simply..... a blessing. It warms my heart to think of the peoples lives he is touching in Ephraim/Manti and I want nothing more for him that exactly what he is doing at this moment..."Livin' the DREAM!" He loves the work and has grown so close to Our Savior. How could I as a mom want anything else for him, then for him to strengthen and nurture his relationship with Our Father in Heaven? I don't...I don't want him anywhere else than exactly where he is at right now. He is doing Our Fathers will. That brings me peace! That brings me happiness!!!  There is nothing of greater importance than having a close relationship with The Lord.
Cameron....someday when you read this, we want you to know how very much you are loved and how very proud we as a family all are of you. Your immediate family, your grandparents,  your Aunt's and Uncles, your Cousin's. We all are very proud of you and think of you often. We  pray for your safety and continued good health. Stay strong and stay close to Heavenly Father! 

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