Monday, January 14, 2013

Semana Noventa y nueve: How Can You Respect Deception?

Semana Noventa y nueve: How Can You Respect Deception?

Hola familia,

It has been an interesting week. It has been full of mount of olive highs and gull of misery lows. It is funny how I thought that after a while I would be able to see the curve balls coming but from day one till the end I've learned you have to roll with the punches. I hope all is well back home. I got my travel itinerary this week. It is an odd feeling to have those papers.

The trip to the temple was really good last preparation day. It really does change your week and mindset when you take time to go to The House of The Lord. As it says in Habakkuk, "But the LORD is in his holy temple..." Where else could you possibly want to go than to The House of The Lord to start your week? We had a couple good lessons that night as well. The best was with the Oliva’s family and Angel was able to really help us out. I just enjoy teaching!

Wednesday was pretty miraculous. It started off like any other normal to slowish day. After lunch were trying to contact various people but no one answered. We were sitting in the van and not ten seconds after I said, "What are we going to do?" we got a text from the Sister missionaries in the visitor center saying a Hispanic woman needed a blessing. We headed over to the visitor center and on our way over the Buena Vista sisters called and said they had tried everyone but no one could give their investigator a blessing. Both blessings went really well and were definitely not coming from my thoughts. It was a humbling experience to see Him use us and the priesthood as instruments in His hands. What a special privilege it is to have Heavenly Father's authority as a result of the restored gospel. Who says that if God wants something done he won't just text or call?! :)

The rest of the week was okay until Saturday night at Texas Roadhouse. Elder Wright, Elder Cacia, and Elder Earle got their transfer calls and I had to wait till Sunday night to get mine. Elder Ayala is coming down here to Pineview Spanish to be with Elder Wright and he will be the district leader. Elder Cacia is going up to Nephi to be a district leader, and Elder Earle is staying in Washington English to train. After a long drawn out discussion. I am staying in Pineview Spanish. I was supposed to go to the Red Cliffs Stake to be with the zone leaders but it makes no sense to move with such little time. The branch is really happy that I'm staying and so are the Carpenters.

Make it a great week and remember to replace fear with faith. Vaya con Dios.

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

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