Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Semana ciento: Free And Easy Down The Road I Go

Semana ciento:

Free And Easy Down The Road I Go

Quierdia familia,

It has been a really good week out here. We have been really busy and having to run all over the place! I hope Bug got my package. I didn't get an email from him. Mom, I will be sending home a box with lots of stuff soon. I figure it is just less of a hassle to send it all and that way I don't have to worry about it at the air port. Just be careful lifting it. It is REALLY heavy.

Tuesday was a strange day. At 1:30 pm I went to the temple with President and Sister Leonard, Elder Lessie, and Sister Houle. It was a great experience to go through and feel the spirit after a rough few days. After going to the temple we went to President Leonard's and had dinner. I ate probably the biggest steak I've ever eaten in my life! We had steaks that were 16 oz and other good food. It was fun to look through picture books and see pictures of when I came into the mission and see other missionaries that are already home. It has been neat to be apart of the fabric of this mission since almost the beginning. Elder Lessie's parents drove up from San Diego and he went home with them that night. It was strange to see that because that will be me in a few weeks. The best part of the night though was getting to go to the visitor center and meet up with Elder Wright and Elder Ayala. Just after six hours of not working I was ready to get back out and hit the streets. I love being a missionary!

After the departing missionary activities I was ready to tear it up. We tracted a lot in the afternoon Wednesday and in the night we had several good appointments.  We had seven lessons on Wednesday and four on Thursday. On top of that we found seven new investigators this week (five on Friday), which we really needed. Being in a threesome has been a blast! (That’s where there are 3 Elders who work together instead of just 2 Elders) I didn't think it would work very well teaching but somehow the fluidity is there and we are teaching well together. It has taken some getting used to not talking so much but I always am willing to change if it means we can become more effective teachers. Elder Ayala just makes Elder Wright and I die laughing all the time. Elder Ayala and I have now been companions for three transfers and it is great. On Monday he got his haircut and the barber lost the guard and chopped a big chunk out of Elder Ayala's hair. We felt so bad for him but I was crying in the barbershop because I was laughing so hard. This week has been full of good times AND the work is going well. I think part of the reason for the success we are having is because we are having fun. It has been a perfect balance and the days just fly by!

President Chavez's son just got home on Thursday from the Provo Mission. Hopefully he will be able to come out with us to teach. We visited them ten minutes after they got home and he looked like he felt out of place. I can't imagine how he felt.

Sunday was pretty frustrating. We planned to have eight people at church and only one investigator came. I work so hard and they seem so excited to come and then they just don't. It just doesn't make sense at times but I just have to stay confident in the fact I'm doing all I can.

Well I love you all. I hope you are feeling better mom. You never mention how you are doing. Remember to replace fear with faith and pray daily! Vaya con Dios.

Dios es amor,

Elder Bennion

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