Sunday, September 9, 2012

Semana 77: God Show Me The Way Because The Devil Is Trying To Break Me Down

Semana 77: God Show Me The Way Because The Devil Is Trying To Break Me Down 

This week has been an okay week. I hope everything has been going well back home. It sounds like the packing is beginning for Bug. I remember packing for BYUH and having all my suitcases everywhere. That took so long to figure out what I wanted to take and what I actually could take. I'm sure he will be able to take a few more things but never the less, packing is a bummer. I really hope Grandma can come down and stay with you all for a few days. With Bug leaving and my room, there definitely will be space to have guests. That is weird to think. Growing up we always slept on the couch and guests slept in our beds. :) It is good and sad at the same time that we sold the boat. When I think back to "summer memories" for the past four or five years I think of all the good times we spent out on the boat. Those were some of the best times. There are surprisingly a lot of boats in St. George. The only time I get slightly trunky is when I see a beautiful boat in front of someone’s house. haha

The week started off a little slow. We have just been visiting the same people over and over again and it gets REALLY repetitive. When someone finally sets an appointment with us it means we finally have some potential but the hard part is when they cancel. I don't think I've ever had so many people set appointments and then not be home in a transfer but... asi es la obra misional. 

Wednesday I went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. Needless to say that was an interesting experience. I've never served in an English area my whole mission and I've always had preconceived notions that the work couldn't be as good as Spanish work and that really isn't the way I should have thought. We went out and visited a few people. We didn't do much up until dinner. We went and visited one guy. I must have been zoning out because the member asked me if I was okay. I told him I was just not used to hearing so much English at once. I missed Spanish food and just my people in general. We went out teaching and the area has been struggling lately. I don't know why but we had a ton of success. It wasn't as exciting as Spanish work but I had fun. At the end of the night Elder Smith said he knew of a Spanish house close to where we were so we went and talked to them. It made my night just getting to teach Hispanics again. I light up when I get to speak Spanish! There was some other funny stuff that happened but that is included in my recordings. 

Thursday was a hard day. It felt like Satan was just having his way with us. We didn't have a lot of success and people were saying and doing REALLY baaaaad stuff to us. It helped me to turn more to the Lord though and that is the important thing. Prayer is one of our strongest tools we have in fighting the adversary. Again, I explained more about that in my voice recordings. 

Saturday we were allowed to go over to Sister M’s and have lunch with her. It has been about 8 months since I last saw her. She is doing really good and busier than ever with her transcribing job and taking care of her husband. It was fun reminiscing about the good times in St. George Spanish. She even remembered that Tillamook mint chocolate ice cream is my favorite! It was a nostalgic feeling leaving my old area. I pray I get to serve there again. 

Well I wish I could expound more on my week. I hope it doesn't sound too depressing. Haha I'm really not down at all. It was not bad, I promise. Anyway, I love you all and hope your week goes well. Pray that we find the elect and things go well for us this week. Vaya con Dios,

Dios es amor, 

Elder Bennion

This Cameron's mom. I feel so bad I have been late in posting his letters. This is from almost 2 weeks ago. Dayna

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