Monday, October 15, 2012

Semana 85: How Can I Be More Like The Prophet?

Semana 85: How Can I Be More Like The Prophet?
I hope you all go to enjoy General Conference as much as I did. I know I say this every General Conference but it is one of those things I have loved on my mission. I would rather go to every session of General Conference in exchange for a trip to Disneyland. That is how good it is! lol After the Saturday morning session where President Monson announced the new age limit of missionaries (18 for men and 19 for women) I felt pumped up and ready to do missionary work. It felt like new life was breathed into and I was ready to do wok. As elder Holland said, this work is hastening and we must answer the call of the Savior to go fourth and teach all nations. I got this mental picture of a sports team in a commercial or a Nike commercial with different players saying, "Are you ready?" "Are YOU ready?!" and at the end a player says, "The Savior is coming, are YOU ready?!". I can't help but think how close the second coming is and how many people are not ready. It is our duty to bring the world His truth. Whether or not they accept it is their choice.
I don't know if I can pick a favorite talk from conference. I wold have to say Anne Dibb's talk was a good one. Elder Earle pointed out the fact that she smiled during her whole talk! That woman has some strong cheek muscles! I guess you would have to growing up with President Monson as your father! :) I loved the part about the girl that had a shirt that said, " I'm a Mormon? Are you?". It reminded me of the need we all have to be bold in declaring ourselves members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. I also never knew Brooke Willburger was LDS! It was sad to remember that story. I remember when it was all over the news. It is neat to know through that her mom knows the Plan of Salvation. What comfort the gospel can bring a family in despair. President Uchdorff's talks were great as well. I especially liked Scott D. Whitney's talk about the Laie Temple. It is amazing the effort that goes into building a temple. It brought back fond memories of going to the open house and seeing the grandeur of the temple inside. The attention to detail is not done solely to stand up to the scrutiny of the human eye but to the inspection of the Lord. And just remember, as Elder Nelson said, if you ever want to know just about anything, "ASK THE MISSIONARIES!". :)
This week was a little slow teaching wise. I was looking through my past planners and it is astounding to see I'm on track to teach over 2,500 lessons while on my mission. This is when I have to remember how blessed I've been and know that the Lord is in charge of this work. Having less to do gave us a great opportunity to do some service. There is a neat man here in Beaver that is a recent convert. His conversion story could easily be made into a novel! Him and his wife are from New Port Beach area and he used to run with an outlaw motorcycle gang. Ask uncle Rob what an R.O. Nomad is and it will explain a lot more! he spent many years incarcerated but has completely change and paid his dues. We went out to his ranch and helped clean some horse stalls and do some other little things. It was fun getting to do some service and be around horses. He has this beautiful Tennessee walker that loved me. It is a shame we can't ride even on P-day. We did service for another person this week and I just love it. We ate with a family named the Hutchings this week and I asked sister Hutchings how they got married. Long story short, brother Hutchings is always doing service for people and that is what sister Hutchings loved about him. It worked out pretty well for him so I know what I need to do when I get home. SERVICE, SERVICE, SERVICE is something that Elder D. Todd Christofferson mentioned as well during the priesthood session of General Conference.
Some other note worthy things that happened this week were: Meeting a lady from Big Bear (she isn't a member... Yet), Anne should be getting baptized November 3rd, sister Moss and her sister, sister Healy, brought us subway on Friday when we didn't have a dinner (that is a funny story. Listen to my voice recordings!), and a REALLY nice man gave us WAY too much money!
Well I think that is about it.Time to go play golf again so I have to jet but I love you lots mama. I hope everything is going well. Please pray for us to find new people to teach who are interested. We really need more work. Vaya con Dios.
Dios es amor,
Elder Bennion

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