Friday, August 5, 2011

Week 22: I Need To Be A Justice Of The Peace

It's hard to believe another week has passed and I'm already writing my weekly email again. For starters this week was full of miracles! I can't seem to fully comprehend all the good stuff that is happening in St. George. It seems to be a combination of a lot of great things happening with the people we are teaching and me just loving St. George. When I opened my called that December night and it all was finally confirmed to me, what I had known all along, that I would be serving in the Utah St. George mission I knew I would just love it out here. I didn't fully know why but after finally serving IN St. George I know why. I could easily live out here because it's such a cool city!

Last Monday was my first P-day in St. George, so we got a ride with the other two elders we live with (Elder Hepworth and Elder Beach) and went to Walmart in Bloomington. I've been in Utah now for 5 months and not until now have I seen a polygamist family! It was so strange to see. What is so strange to me is how open they are about it. They dress like pioneers and it's so easy to spot them.

Tuesday it rained in St. George, which was extremely out of the ordinary. It was really muggy and humid and as we were walking down the street this Hispanic man offers us a ride. We were trying to go really far up to the north east corner of our area by the industrial park, which takes over an hour to walk to. We got in the car and his 5-year-old daughter was with him. As we talk to him he seemed like a member but we were not sure, so we finally asked him and he said he has been to church many times and he wants to get baptized, but he needs to get married first. He said him and his girlfriend want to get married and baptized! My mouth dropped. What are the odds a non-member that only speaks Spanish picks us up and had already been taught and wants to be baptized!? It's the most rewarding thing ever to see people wanting baptism enough to also want to get married. We have 7 people that really could get baptized this transfer and it is just mind boggling to me. I know we are having so much success because of our hard work, obedience, and love for these people. I'm just so excited for all the potential August has for Elder Leguizamon and I. It's indescribable to explain my joy to someone who hasn't served a mission. This area just rocks! St. George is definitely the promised land of the mission.

I gotta run. P-days in St. George are super busy! It is a lot of fun having so many Elders and Sisters around to do activities with. Remember our strength as children of God is found in obedience to the commandments of God. I know this is true. We receive so many blessings from being pure, going to church, and serving our brothers and sisters whole heartedly. It is amazing how freed you are when you are living your life in accordance with the teachings of Jesus Christ. So many people do not fully understand the purpose of life and as Latter-Day Saints we know. We know why we are here and what we need to do to have eternal happiness. Remember why you are here. Replace fear with faith. Vaya con Dios.

God is love,
Elder Bennion

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