Monday, January 3, 2011

Mission CALL!!!!

I am posting for Cameron. Hopefully you will be hearing more from him and very little from me =) I started this blog to help share his mission experience with all of you...our family and friends. I tend to be a little random and unorganized in my thoughts. Just bare with me or...just read Cameron's posts! He is much better writer than I am.
I couldn't be more proud of Cameron and his decision to serve a mission. This is a huge choice to make and I am soooo happy for him.
He received his call while still in Laie, Hawaii on Dec. 2nd, 2010 but waited to open it till he got home the following day, Dec. 3, 2010. As we were driving home from the airport he continued to express his desire to serve in Utah. Since turning in his papers, he has said he felt like he would serve there. He even had specifically said St. George Utah Mission as we drove home and had told Kaylee that he thought he would report Feb. 23, 2011. In my mind I was just worried that he might be setting himself up for disappointment. Who gets called to the exact place they want to serve?
Two of Cameron's closest friends, Rochelle Blanton and Trevor Jollie both followed us to the airport to pick up Cameron and Kodi. Once we arrived home his friends quickly started arriving. I think the final count was 32 people. His grandparents were on speaker phone and many of his college friends were on Skype. I will try and post the video of  him actually opening his call. It was very exciting. I thought he was joking around with us when he read "Cameron you have been called to serve in the Utah St. George Mission Spanish speaking and will report the 23rd of Feb." HE IS VERY excited to have been called to serve and no less exactly where he wanted to go!  
There is a lot for him to accomplish before he heads to the Mission Training Center aka MTC. It seems that we are doing something daily on his "Mission to do list." I just know that it will be here quickly...we only have 7 weeks before he is to leave.
Everyday is a precious gift for our family right now. This is the last time for 2 years that we will be together for holiday season. Kodi will be in college by the time Cameron gets off his mission and Cameron could be away at college again right after his mission. It will perhaps be the last time that we will all be together on an everyday basis. It doesn't seem possible that life could be changing so much. I wish life had a pause button! I am truly blessed to have these boys! Ok, this is supposed to be about CAMERON LOL, so I will stop!
Christmas for Cameron was all about getting items he could use on his mission. He got many thoughtful gifts from friends that will be useful out in the field. He has such awesome friends!
One day this holiday season was spend at Remington's, the suit shoppe. We discovered how expensive it can be! Don't get me wrong, they had great suits, but it just is spendy to get everything he will need for two years. St. George mission can be either really hot or really cold, so he will need both types of clothing. I loved this one dark chocolate colored suit. I would have never thought that I would like that color for a suit, but with his skin tone and hair color, it looked FANTASTIC!
Since Cameron was only baptized and confirmed on Feb. 6th 2010 he will have to wait to go through the temple. We were really hoping he could go through before that...Pres. Richardson is going to see if he can get it approved for him to go through sooner! We should know this week!
We did go and get his scriptures! That was fun. As we were at the register, Cameron  met a guy that just got home from the St. George mission. He was able to share a lot about the mission with Cameron. Such a small world. He had such positive things to say about the mission! 
I am running out of time and just want to get this message posted.
Thanks to all of you who have been so supportive to Cameron!

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